Visit a historic village with a guide

     You can enjoy a short walk with a guide around the thatched-roof village of Miyama. We want to introduce you to this beautiful village, our customs, and our traditions, which we are really proud of. Then we will visit Chi-yi Hachi-man, one of the oldest shrines in the Kyoto suburbs.
     Some carvings on the buildings are highly important to the history of Shinto art. These buildings let us know about this area's history and deep piety of local people. Praying following a formal procedure will help you quieten your mind—  please bring a five-yen coin for praying. We will specially book a house in this shrine for taking a break.
     Please enjoy a private matcha teatime experience for beginners.

〇August 31~ October 31
    Please choose the day you can take part in from the calender of the website
〇1 p.m.~3 p.m.

Place : Miyama's thatched village(Kayabuki no Sato)

Fee to partificate : \5,000/one person

Joining qualifications :
  ✔Over 18 years old
      *You can join with your children who are under 2 years of age
  ✔To partificate this event, you need to show your personal identification like passport or driver's license.

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