Walking is a new fitness trend. Number of people regardless of ages doing walking as their exercise for health are increasing. Growing scientific evidences shows various benefits and advantages of “walking” for your health. It is the easiest aerobic exercise to lower weight gain, strengthen bones, strengthen memory, and also lift your spirits to improve your mental conditions.
In Miyama Town, various walking events are held throughout the year, including "Miyama Walk guided by Local Storytellers". An annual walking event,“Miyama Thatched Village One Day March” on the 3rd of November continued for many years.

Miyama Walk guided by Local Storytellers

Inquiry on the Miyama Walk guided by Lccal Storytellers

Name of Tour/Experience Miyama Walk guided by Lccal Storytellers
Organized by Kyoto Miyama Tourist Association
Date All year
Required Time 3 hours 
Price JPY21,600 (up to 3 persons)  4 or more persons, an additional JPY3,240/person
Reservation Deadline 7 days prior
Meet-up Place Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center
Pick-up Service Unavailable
Payment Cash only upon your arrival
Inquiry Kyoto Miyama Tourist Association
TEL 0771-75-9030

Walking Events

Miyama Thatched Village One Day March

Inquiry: Kyoto Miyama Tourist Association (0771-75-9030)