Kyoto⇔Miyama Direct Bus Service (Reservation Required)

Kyoto⇔Miyama Nonstop Bus (Reservation Required/Limited Period Service Only)

Approx. 100 minutes directly from Kyoto Station to Miyama!
~Time Slip to old rural Japan by visiting mountain villages in suburb of Kyoto ~

Period:  14th July, 2018 to 24th September, 2018 (reservation required/limited period service only)
Route:Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi F3 Bus Stop ⇔ Thatched Village (kayabuki-no-sato) /Miyama Nature & Culture Village
Fare:Round trip JPY3,200 One way JPY1,600

Reservation/Purchasing Tickets:
TEL: 0771-29-6113(Weekdays from 9 to 12 noon/13 to 15)