2018 Miyama Ohno Dam Autumn Leaves Festival

The 30th Autumn Leaves Festival @ Ohno Dam Park

Don’t miss the annual autumn leaves festival at Ohno Dam Park!
The festival features colorful autumn leaves which stretch around the Ohno Dam Rainbow Lake. There are stalls you can enjoy local food and selection of Miyama sweets. Also, enjoy music performances by local musicians.   

Date: 11/17 (Sat.) & 11/18 (Sun.)
Time: 9:00-16:00

Fees: JPY500 as your donation for environment preservation (pay to the staff at car parking space)  

Rainbow Lake Market (both days)
-  Famous local udon noodle “Momiji-tei Udon”
-    “Local traditional foods: mackerel sushi, rice cooked with seasonal vegetables, green rice cake made with yomogi herbs  
-    Fresh seasonal vegetables from local vegetable fields.
-    Various food stalls by locals
-    Selection of Miyama sweets 

Ultra-small Electric Vehicle MIYAMOBI Show (both days)
On both days (11/17 & 11/18), ultra-small electric vehicles “MIYAMOBI” are exhibited at the festival site.  

Schedule of Events 

11/17 (sat.)
10:50 Yu-ra dance 
11:00 “scissors-paper-rock” game.  Let’s get giveaway local foods!!!
11:30 Band Live by “Hodoraiko” (Chii, Miyama Town)
13:00 Live by the folk singing group “Azemichi” (Tsurugaoka, Miayama Town)

11/18 (sun.)
10:30  “scissors-paper-rock” game.  Let’s get giveaway local foods!! 
11:00  Japanese drum performance by local primary school pupils 
11:30 Solo live by local singer (singing while playing a guitar)  
13:00 Band live by “Maeda Sunshine Office”, 14 talented members band in Kansai area 
14:00 A bowl of Miyama’s autumn foods Nabe made by locals is served. Limited quantity. Served while they last. 
14:30 Performance by Sonobe brass band 

※ the above schedule may change due to weather conditions etc.
《Inquiry》 0771‐75‐9030 (Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association)