Kyoto Miyama Direct bus is continuing in autumn after 9/30.

In this autumn, an extra bus for each way operates during the period between 10/2 and 11/24 (on Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun only).

DATE :  1 OCT (Tue.)- 2 DEC (Mon.) (Every day) 

Reservation : Required (If there is vacancy you can get a seat on the spot)

Price : JPY 3600 (Round trip) / JPY 1800 (One-way) 

Flyer and Time table

Flyer and Time table

TIME : About 100 min 
【Time table】
JR Kyoto Station Hachijo exit                                   DEP 10:20
Local Market and Visitor center                                ARR 11:58 
Rental bicyiclesMIYAMOBI
Thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato)                         ARR 12:08
Chimiguchi(ChinsenroMaruya restaurant)         ARR  12:12
Restaurant Kajikaso                                              ARR 12:13

Restaurant Kajikaso                DEP 13:20
Chimiguchi                     DEP13:21
Thatched village Kayabuki no Sato                         ARR 13:25    DEP 14:45
Oishi Sake Brewery                                              ARR 14:48    DEP 15:18
Local market and visitor center                             ARR 15:28   DEP 15:58
JRKyoto Station                                                  ARR 17:33

Also, extra buses operate during 10/2 - 11/24 (Wed, Thu, Sat and Sun only).  Please find below timetables for extra bus:

<JR Kyoto => Miyama extra bus>
JR Kyoto Hachijo Guchi           DEP 14:30
City Hall Miyama Branch         ARR 16:05
Road station & Visitor Center  ARR 16:15
Miyama's Thatched Village      ARR 16:25
Chimiguchi                            ARR 16:29
Miyama Nature & Culture Village      ARR 16:30

 <Miyama => JR Kyoto extra bus>
Miyama Nature & Culture Village     DEP 9:30
Chimiguchi                                    DEP  9:31
Miyama's Thatched Village             DEP 9:35
Road Station & Visitor Center         DEP 9:45
City Hall Miyama Branch                DEP 9:55
JR Kyoto Hachijo Guchi                 ARR 11:30

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