Fireflies viewing in Hora village

Hora village is the deepest area of Miyama.  Recently, villagers created a small path covered by wood chips for fireflies viewing. Appreciate the fireflies along the stream and flooded rice fields. In the aromas of the wood and in the tranquility, feel beauty of nature by viewing fireflies flickering here and there, their glow reflected on the surface of clear stream.

Period: 6/15(Sat) to 6/30(Sun)
*please don't capture fireflies






Fireflies festival (with music & local foods) - Miyo Hora Botaru

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Date:6/22 (Sat) 20:00-
Location:Toyosato Shimo, Miyama Town Nantan City 
Program:Violin concert; local sweets selling:
※18:00-19:30 - food stall open at Hora community hall.