70 minute-all-you-can-eat! Summer Lunch Buffet

Miyama Summer Lunch Buffet

■70 minute-all-you-can-eat Summer Lunch Buffet!

Come and enjoy the summer lunch buffet in Miyama.
Roasted venison meats are served to everyone.  Variety of foods using local ingredients, including fresh summer vegetables as well as various venison meats cuisines.  You can also order an ayu sweet fish broiled with salt with an additional payment. 

■ Variety of 30 kinds of menus
Venison meat currey/venison meatball/venison sausage/summer veggie tempura/omelet made by cage-free eggs in Miyama/eggplant saute in Mapo style/steamed Miyama chicken/corn rice etc. etc…
※menus are depend upon availability.

Period: 8/8 (Wed.) to 8/15 (Wed.)

Time: 11:00~15:00 (entry up to 14:00)

Price: Adult (13yrs old or older) JPY 1,800 : Child (age 7 to 12) JPY1,200
         Infants (age 3 to 6) JPY500

★ JPY500 discount for age 65 or older. Please show your ID to confirm your age.
★Natural Ayu Sweetfish Broiled with Salt (served upon an individual order: an additional JPY1,250 per fish) ※ You may need to wait for a little while until it is cooked.  Also, please be noted that natural ayu is dependent on availability.  
★Table reservation is possible for 11:00am entrance only.

※ Time limit is 70 minutes.  For customers entered at 14:00, the time limit may be shorter than 70 minutes.   
※ During this period, no standard lunch service menus but buffet only.  
※ The price is tax inclusive.  
※ Service of roasted venison meats are for age 7 or older.

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