The cabin is 100% made by solid cedar and cypress trees. Why not renting the entire cabin to stay overnights surrounded by aroma of cedar and cypress? You may also be able to experience the goemon style bath (= small bathtub made of ceramic ware that is warmed by a direct flame, soaks the wooden bottom wood board and warm) and enjoy cooking with fire. Feel tranquility in beautiful landscape and listen to the ambient sounds of nature.

Name Miyama Satoyamasya
Type Renting an entire cabin/camping
Location 8 Hounoki Shima, Miyama Nantan City 〒601-0751 
TEL 0771-75-0015
FAX 075-320-2450

<Short stay Plan (one night stay)>
 JPY22,222 for one cabin rental - up to 5 persons

<Long stay Plan (six nights stay)>
 JPY111,111 for one cabin rental - up to 5 persons

* JPY5,555pp for additional person per night  applicable for both plans.


Stay in solo possible
Check-in/check-out  In:15:00  Out:10:00
Closed  No fixed closing date (please make inquiry)
Total number of cabins 3 cabins
A short time rental for having meals Only available during weekends - for customers of Shiroyama Noodle Restaurant operated by Miyama Satoyamasya
Maximum Capacity 18
Car parking space 10 cars

・Kitchen sink (outside, with roof and electrical outlets)
・Wood-burning fire place "Nantan Danro", rocket stove + cooking table, portable charcoal stove for cooking
*(1) firewoods at no cost and/or (2) charcoal made by local woods at low price are available.
・ Long table
・Rental bicycle:Mountain bike (rental price - JPY3,000 or more.  Prior reservation required.)
  *M-trail discounts available for overnight guests

★Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.
★Only goemon type bath is available.  Open-air water bathtub as well as wood burning sauna are also available. 
  * Guests are asked to make fire to warm water in goemon bathtub/wood-burning sauna by themselves (after instructions given by the staff)
  * Prior notice is required if you plan to use wood burning sauna or water bathtub(it takes a while to be ready for use)

Equipments/amenities Available: Shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryer 
Not available: towels, tooth brush, pajama
Credit card Not acceptable.  Cash only