Enjoy art in Miyama - One Day Plan (6 hours)

  • Yururi

  • Blown Glass - Koubou Fuusha Gallery

  • Miyama Omoshiro Farm Club

Enjoy Art in Miyama - One Day Plan

Recommended seasons - Spring, Summer or Autumn
Required Time - 6 hours

11:00 Kayabuki Art Museum.  Exhibition of art works by several artists vary in different periods (glasses, potteries, drawings, needle works etc., each approximately one month period).  You can also buy craft arts of local Miyama artists in the museum shop.  In the Folklore Museum, traditional farming, fishery or forestory tools and equipments as well as various living tools used in rural old Japan are exhibited. 
12:30 Lunch time at Yururi
Reservation required.  Enjoy seasonality, simplicity and elegance of the chef's special dishes by your eyes as well as your tongne.  Unwind and relax watching rural landscape from the authentic thatched house.  
Lunch menu from JPY3,240
14:00 Visit Yamasho, woodwork goods shop.  You can buy various woodwork craft goods, including cups and spoons or other daily items.  They open internet shop.  You can choose what you want here and purchase them later via internet. 
15:00 Visit Blown Glass Koubou Fuusha Gallery 
Located close to the Thatched Village.  Beautiful blown glass items are sold in the shop.
15:30 Tea Break at Miyama Omoshiro Farm Club  
Homemade sweets and light meals as well as cafe au lait using Miyama Milk.   Firewoods stove burning in winter.  Comfortable and relaxing cafe.
16:00 Thatched Village (kayabuki-no-sato) is 2 minutes from Omoshiro Farm Club Cafe by car.  Don't miss the national heritage site where 38 thatched roof houses remain.  Time slip to the old rural Japan.